The Teacher's Lounge



A German primary school teacher with high ideals unleashes a maelstrom when she attempts to find the person responsible for a series of thefts and protect a wrongly accused student.

The Teacher's Lounge is tense viewing, with a plot full of harsh judgements on our increasingly binary approach to judgement and taking sides. A teacher takes on the thankless role of advocating for nuance despite crossing a line herself while gathering evidence. What happens in the teacher's lounge does not stay in the teacher's lounge... and should it? The film is thought-provoking as we position our thumbs up or down: like vs dislike, outrage in lieu of facts, baseless racism vs informed opinions, discretion vs gossip, the role of truth, and the interests of students. Omnishambles.

Anne Murphy

Limited Release 25th April 2024
Madman Entertainment 94 mins

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