Comedy Drama Thriller


A shy scholarship student, struggling to find his place at Oxford University, manages to strike up an unlikely friendship with the charming and privileged Felix, who invites him to his family estate for the summer.

"Saltburn" invites us into the world of aristocratic decadence. The hazy aesthetic draws us in, as its warm glow perfectly captures the lazy apathy afforded to the extremely wealthy. The early noughties soundtrack layers perfectly over the tense and sinister narrative, reflecting the pulse of danger thrumming just below the surface. The lead attacks his role with a ferociousness that enthrals and repulses in equal measure, propelled by moments of outrageousness and depravity that will leave jaws literally dropping. A disturbing tale of obsession, greed and desire, this film doesn't burn so much as scorches.

Courtney Slevison

Limited Release 16th November 2023
Universal Pictures 131 mins

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